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The Story of Fennelly's Coat of Arms

Fennelly’s of Callan’s handsome coat of arms was designed by Neil O’Driscoll through long conversations with Etaoin Holahan about Fennelly’s.


Each part of it represents an aspect of Fennelly’s.

To begin the peacock in the circle represents Fennelly’s past and comes from a story heard years ago about Mrs. Fennelly’s prized peacock and the Callan workhouse famine bowl.


Below is a audio link to the this story.

The Fox represents the many experiments, engagements, cunning plans, set backs and achievements we have faced in Fennelly’s since we took on its guardianship in 2009 to the present day. 

We have programmed many artistic events, residencies, exhibitions, screenings, parties, meals, and plays. We have been the heart of festivals, architectural interventions, theatre pieces, civic engagements, story gathering and bond building.

We have expanded what it means to be part of our rural Irish town and community, living over the shop and introducing people to each other and Callan. We have looked at how to support each other through alternate economies based on kindness, art and hospitality. Inclusivity, interdependence, authorship, responsibility and sharing are key concepts to emboldening our community to meet future challenges.

The Fox has long been a symbol for people who want to create their own paths with wit, a light foot and a mischievous glint. We are ourselves and we are part of the world. 


The white rabbit symbolizes adventure and the unknowable future.

As Alice ventures down the rabbit hole following this creature so do we look forward with excitement to what tomorrow will bring. 


The town bridge and it’s lamps situate is in our place in the heart of Callan with the Norman motte suggested in the background.


The physical street facade of Fennelly’s proper is drawn in the balustrades and globes which feature our name and the flowers are drawn from life from the many plants we grow in our courtyard. 


Our coat of arms is a reflection of our deeds and our aspirations, we strive to fulfill its promise.

Local Produce


Locally Sourced Produce

We believe in using the best sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients. Not only is that the best for our community and the environment, but we think it tastes better too!

So we've partnered with local farms and businesses to bring you the best. Here's a little bit of information about each of our suppliers.

Eggs, from Kyle Farm in Coolagh


Our eggs come from Kyle Farm in Coolagh where John Walker has a flock of lovely pasture raised hens.

We often are delighted to get double yolked eggs and ridged shells. 

John cares for his flock greatly and often sends us photos of the ‘ladies’ 

We are so lucky and they are delicious!

Rashers from Butlers Farm Piltown

Our rashers from from free range side of pork belly, delivered to local Callan butcher John Murphy who sweet cures it for a week in brown sugar and brine and hand cuts it for us for our Award winning Rasher Special breakfast.

Vegetables, from Riverside Farm

Riverside Farm supplies us with wonderful organic vegetables. Vincent’s Farm is on the outskirts of Callan and his leaves and veggies are second to none.

We also get herbs, leaves and veggies from our garden, friends gardens, and a fair bit of wild foraging (our spring wild garlic pesto is delicious in our seasonal quiches). We also dry our own local organic mint, sage and chamomile for teas.

Bread, from Keoghs Model Bakery

Cultural Partners

Cultural Partners

The Big Chapel


The Big Chapel is a Podcast presented by Fennelly's own Etaoin Holahan. In it, she is exploring The Big Chapel by Thomas Kilroy, who's 1970's novel presents a fictionalised account of a schism that happened in Callan in the 1870s. In the podcast, Etaoin interviews people from a variety of backgrounds and opinions about the book. Each episode focuses on a particular chapter.

This podcast will provide a dynamic insight into this great novel.
The Big Chapel Podcast is part of a year-long celebration of Thomas Kilroy’s novel.

Produced by Asylum Productions, Kilkenny Arts Festival and the Abbey Theatre in association with Kilkenny County Library- One County One Book.

Find out more on The Big Chapel's Website, Listen on Soundcloud, or stream the first episode below.

Funded by the Arts Council/An Comhairle Ealaíon.
Music by Irene Buckley and Linda Buckley
Presenter Etaoin Holahan

Workhouse Union


Based in Callan, Workhouse Union works with artists, designers, architects and crafts-people to develop projects examining housing, civic infrastructure and the commons, engaging people with the spaces and places we live.

Find out more on their website.

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